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  Stranger in the Woods
The Soundtrack

Laura and Robert Sams have created a special musical experience along with fellow composer /arranger Marc Stevens. This CD is inspired by the book, Stranger in the Woods. Twelve original songs are sung by Pierre and Janine, two friendly snowdrifts, and their furry forest friends.

Listen Now
Below are three selections from the CD we'd like you to enjoy. They are in MP3 format. Simply click each one to download it and listen to it on your MP3 player:

Remember the Snowman
in Your Heart

Mr. Winter's Here (631k)

For the Birds in B-Flat (344k)

The CD also contains a complete "read along" children will enjoy hearing as they read their copy of Stanger in the Woods. Here is a sample of it for you. It's in MP3 format:

Book Read (390k)

  The CD contains 12 original songs plus a "read along" children will enjoy following as they read the Stranger in the Woods book.

You may purchase it in online for $12.95 or call us toll free at

"A treat! . . . An award-winner! -- Delightful! . . ."
states Elayne Blythe, president of the FILM ADVISORY BOARD.  More ...

Photo at left:
Rob Sams, Marc Stevens and Laura Sams created the lyrics and music for this special collection of 12 songs.

Visit Marc Stevens' web site at to learn more about his music.

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